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John Macon Promotions is a specialty advertising company targeting churches, schools and patriotic Americans.

While pastoring a church in the Washington, D.C. area, my wife and I founded the Clinton Christian School that grew to over 1,000 students. We were successful to a large degree because of an aggressive advertising program. Upon retirement from the pastorate we continue to use those talents to help others still active in the church and school movement.

The Brass "Father's Day" Door Plaque was the first item I marketed over 30 years ago. One of my college classmates, whose voicebox had been removed because of cancer, had given one of these plaques to all of his men on Father's Day and asked them to place it on his front door and let it be a "Silent Witness" to all who enter. He gave me one with a prayer that I would be able to use it in my ministry. I sent one of these plaques, unsolicited, to 5,000 ministers and suggested they give them to the men of their church on Father Day. I sold over 50,000 of them in 90 days.

The clear acrylic "Tract Racks" are the number one tract racks used by many churches all across America. I designed these as the result of my own extensive search for a "Tract Holder" that would allow one to see the the entire tract. I found a manufacturer who would make them for me if I would just design it. I designed both an 18 and 32 pocket model. They continue to be a large part of Macon Promotions inventory until today. Other tract ministries and bookstores now market these same tract racks. If you are in the market for a tract rack I would appreciate your placing your order with me.

The widely popular "Cross Shaped Pulpits" originally made by the students of Atwater Christian School in Ohio are now made in the "Woodshop" housed in my one car garage. I make pulpits, podiums, communion tables, and prayer kneelers. I just finished making my third order for First Baptist Church of Jackson in Massilon, Ohio. They have now purchased two pulpits and seven podiums, custom stained to match the stained trim of their new church and now newer addition.

The Christian Outreach Calendars came about by searching for inexpensive Christian Scenic Wall Calendars with Scripture passages from the KJV. It took almost three years to bring these to market as they must be produced in 500,000 quantities to achieve real economy. We now have several beautiful designs all at reasonable prices. Most churches continue to use them annually, once they have tried them.

The "God Bless America" flags were first produced during "Desert Storm" days. My daughter once asked, "Which 'God' Daddy?" So, I added "America Needs Jesus," then "Pray For America," and recently "Taxed Enough Already." Some churches use these as ice-breakers in door to door visitation by showing all four and asking the person to choose one. This is an amazingly effective opening. You will immediately learn a lot about the individual simply by their choice. I have yet to have anyone refuse to take one. In quantities they are only about twice the price of a tract.

The "Soul Winning Booklets" were produced by the late J.O. Grooms who served on the staff of Thomas Road Baptist Church. These helpful booklets are fantastic in teaching both scripture memorization and soul winning techniques.

We are able to help churches, schools. businesses and individuals with all of your advertising needs.

Give us a call at 412-386-8079 or drop us an email at We will be glad to help in any way possible.